Build Your Organization's Video-Curriculum

Build your video-curriculum in EDpuzzle: 2 Best Practices


1) Department collaboration

Get the teachers in the department to each focus on one topic of the curriculum and create video-lessons for it. Then, via the MySchool or MyDistrict channel, they can share all the content with each other with just one click, saving a ton of time and building a better curriculum together, a curriculum that they will actually use and that is highly tailored to their students.

2) Curriculum Creators

Involve the curriculum creators in your organization so that they build folders of recommended video-resources in EDpuzzle. Teachers will go to the MySchool or MyDistrict channel, find these folders, and copy the content they want to use for their next topic to their own content. They will be able to tweak it to adapt it to their own students' needs in just a few minutes and your organization will be standardizing the content used in class.